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Professional Irdeto licenced CA module NEOTION IRDETO PRO SOFTWARE CA Features: Powered by NEOTION in-house silicon technology, the NEOTION PRO CAM enables professional head-ends equipments to decode TV Programs scrambled with Conditional Access System IRDETOTM. Inserted in the Common Interface (DVB-CI) slot, NEOTION PRO CAM allows professional customers of digital TV to receive and descramble up to 4 or more (according to the services configuration) services simultaneously. Technical specification Stream Type supported: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, SD and HD All Audio Type (MPEG2, AAC, HE AAC, Dolby, etc) Private Data Teletext Interfacing: Plug-and-Play & User Friendly DVB-CI high level MMI compliant Languages: English (more on demand) Standards: DVB Common Interface standard and PCMCIA ISO/IEC EN50221 compliant CI Plus specification v1.2 compliant Smart Card: full ISO 7816-3 (T=0, T=14) compliant RoHS compliant directive 2002/95/EC OTA: Upgrade from MPEG transport stream over the air DVB SSU compliant Memory: On chip eDRAM: 16Mbits Off chip SDRAM: 128Mbits Off chip Serial Flash: 64Mbits Security: IRDETOtm Conditional Access System embedded (for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, SD & HD Pay TV services) Unique and protected Authentication ID Hardware crypto accelerators Secure Chipset for application such as pairing (anti card sharing / anti control word sharing) On chip OTP Dual mode: Secure Chipset or No Secure Chipset mode according to the operator broadcast system settings. Processing: ARM7TM @ 126MHz 8K I-cache and 8K D-cache 4 DVB-CSA descrambler Size, Weight & Power supply: PCMCIA Type II 46g 5 volts, from any DVB-CI host

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