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MPEG-2/DVB Compilant 

MP Layer 1 and 2 , CD Quality Audio Sound

Support RS-232 port for S/W upgrade (115,200bps)

Separate TV/Radio List & Favorite Group List

Offering 4,000 TV and Radio channels 

Capable of receiving both of SCPC and MCPC channels 

Picture in Graphics

Based on Window 95/98/2000 , able to upload & download through PC  

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for On Screen Channel-information

Small Windows screen picture with EPG graphic menu 

10 Languages OSD menu with colorful background 

Auto Searching function & Manual searching function 

DiSEqC1.2 Support/Friendly OSD in your language with Help sentence

Parental lock code function 

Editing channels (Create/Add/Delete) 

EIT display time setting 

0/12V Control Voltage 

Free Voltage / Teletext Supported 

Ergonomic full functions Remote Control 

LNB power overload protection function 

Support 22KHz tone , 13/18V/4 digital-7 segments display 

Turbo Searching

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